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Asset Management: The Transportation Game Changer

Asset management is fundamental for engineers and planners working in the transportation sector. And with more and more roadway project dollars tied to performance-based programs, managing roadway assets in compliance with government mandates has never been more important. Advances in enterprise asset data management are making compliance easier. And at the same time, reshaping how transportation organizati ...

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Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Selects Intergraph Automated Permitting and Routing Solution

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has selected an integrated, automated permitting and routing solution from Intergraph® and Cambridge Systematics, which will improve customer service and traveler safety on Louisiana’s roads. Louisiana DOTD will replace a legacy, in-house developed oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle permitting system with Intergraph’s OS/OW permitting and routin ...

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Intergraph’s North American Transportation Summit 2015 Recap

Each year we invite our customers to join us in Huntsville, Alabama, for the North American Transportation Summit. It’s an event where we highlight our customer success stories, look at their innovative approaches to using our solutions, and listen to their needs for solving some of our industry’s most complicated technology challenges. Every year our attendee list grows leaps and bounds with this year’s Su ...

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Truth #2: Your Solution Will Change – Expect and Embrace It

“Your solution will change—expect and embrace it.” Those were the words given by 407 ETR, operators of the world’s first all-electronic toll highway, at a recent URISA Ontario webcast titled, “Four Truths to Field Asset Management." Our world continues to transform as climate change, transient populations, and bureaucrat policies alter the landscape of cities. City managers utilize technology that must not ...

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New Zealand Transport Agency Selects Crash Analysis System from Intergraph and Partners

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has selected Intergraph® along with partners Unisys and e-Spatial to provide a nationwide Crash Analysis System (CAS). The CAS solution will assist road planners, analysts and engineers with planning and design of the national road infrastructure. Under prime contractor Unisys, Intergraph will design and build the solution, which will feature Intergraph’s EdgeFrontier ...

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Asset Management in Real Time: Case Study

  How do you collect, manage, and share data securely within and outside your department? You need to have the right system in place. That’s the realization 407 ETR in Ontario, Canada, had when they reviewed their existing asset management system and saw too many different systems that weren’t communicating with each other. 407 ETR is a privately operated, all-electric open access toll highway. It span ...

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How do you move one million pounds?

Safety and efficiency are key for Departments of Transportation when routing and permitting oversize and overweight vehicles. Our friends at Oklahoma DOT shared this photo with us of a recent load weighing more than one million pounds! Using Intergraph’s Automated Routing for Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles application, Oklahoma DOT can integrate information pertaining to bridges, construction projects ...

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The Quickest Route or the Safest Route?

In my last post, I shared our routing and permitting demo. Efficient routing and permitting is important for an effective oversize / overweight vehicle solution, but it's not the only consideration. Picking the quickest route is easy. Picking the safest route is difficult because roadway conditions change due to construction or weather. That's where restriction management comes into play. Check out this vid ...

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How to Route & Permit Oversize/Overweight Vehicles

The safe and efficient routing of oversized and overweight vehicles is key to successful transportation department operations. An automated system can streamline workflow processes, improve the safety of vehicle movements and help preserve transportation infrastructure. Intergraph’s system allows transportation agencies to automatically generate safe travel routes, utilize temporary changes in road conditio ...

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