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Podcast: How 30 Years in Rescue Services Benefits One of Intergraph’s Project Managers

In this podcast, Intergraph’s Laura Beth Ezzell talks with Brian Litherland, a project manager in Intergraph’s Swindon, UK, office, about his experiencein fire services. Brian has more than 30 years’ experience in fire and rescue service, including working as the control center manager. His experience now helps him interact with Intergraph public safety customers. Hear how. Laura Beth: Thank you for joining ...

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Mobile Terminals to Help Connect Emergency Responders with Incident Data On the Go

Frederick County, Maryland, will install 172 laptops, called mobile data terminals, loaded with Intergraph’s Mobile for Public Safety, in its major fleet apparatus, including ambulances, fire engines and trucks. These laptops are expected to help streamline first responders’ jobs by arming them with real-time incident and location data when they are on the move.  Frederick County Fire Marshal Battalion Chie ...

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Next-Generation Communications Part 5: Connecting To Sensors

The IP-based technology behind next-generation communications will open the floodgates to incoming data from a wide variety of sensor networks as well. A few jurisdictions are already experimenting with roadway sensors that deliver warnings to the communications center when a road floods or traffic comes to a standstill. This warning, possibly an alarm tone, gives notice to the PSAP that trouble may be brew ...

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Podcast: How a Fire Background has Benefited an Intergraph Application Engineer

In this podcast, Laura Beth Ezzell speaks with Lukas Pilny, application engineer with Intergraph’s European public safety team. Lukas talks about how his experience in the fire and rescue industry has helped him better interact with Intergraph public safety customers. Laura Beth: Thank you for joining us for an Intergraph SG&I podcast. In today’s podcast we are talking to Lukas Pilny who is an applicati ...

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Change Management: Debriefing and Handling Future Upgrades

In our eighth and final change management video, Kim Humphrey, commander at Phoenix Police Department, talks about the importance of debriefing and documenting what works and what doesn't during an implementation and how to use those prior experiences to impact future implementations. “That’s the good thing about law enforcement; all over the country, you can pick up the phone, you can call another agency a ...

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For Some Small Towns, Public Safety Means IT Consolidation

Given the demand on local government agencies to cut costs, alternative forms of IT services and infrastructure sharing are starting to emerge, according to local government managers. In some cases, the agencies themselves absorb one another to share resources. In other cases, the departments remain intact, but share common systems. Both scenarios stem from the same problem: local governments can’t afford t ...

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Demo: Learn How Mobile for Public Safety Extends CAD 9.3 to Responders

Watch our demo to see how Mobile for Public Safety extends the power of Intergraph's Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) 9.3 software to personnel in the field. Our convenient patrol dashboard lets you visualize incidents, locate available resources, query law enforcement databases and much more. Configurable function buttons provide easy access to commonly used commands. Find out how mobile access can accelerate ...

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911 Centers Need Adequate Funding

Across the nation, in times of intense personal crisis and community-wide disasters, 911 is the first access point for those seeking emergency response. Communications personnel receive calls and expertly dispatch emergency service professionals and equipment to render life-saving assistance to those in need. We rely on this process and system to assure the public’s safety every day.   The resources ne ...

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Next-Generation Communications Part 3: Integrated Call Control

The call-handling and CAD software should work together to display these different types of communications with unique icons on the CAD map screen before they are answered, accelerating the way PSAPs handle multiple calls relating to the same emergency incident. This will provide the call-taker with the valuable ability to see incoming emergency calls clustered in a specific geographic location and more int ...

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