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Zuriñe Garcia has worked at Intergraph European headquarters for the last four years, and she is currently the Program Manager in EMEA for the Utilities and Communications market, next to holding responsibilities for the Southern European region. Zuriñe has 10 years of experience in marketing, both from an agency and corporate perspective. She holds a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations from the University of Navarra, Spain, and a MBA from the University of Phoenix.

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Can Cloud Computing Change the Way Utilities Approach Operations?

Utility companies don’t readily change their information systems, but a recent survey by IDC revealed that “big data” may drive them to the cloud. According to IDC, nearly 79 percent of utilities in Western Europe believe cloud computing could help solve their data challenges. By moving toward web-based services in the cloud, utilities could save storage space, time, and money. This is particularly true in ...

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Intergraph’s GeoMedia Respublica Allows You to Easily Share Vast Amounts of Data Internally and Externally

Intergraph offers an effective solution for data sharing called the Intergraph GeoMedia ResPublica Intranet. This solution makes high-quality GIS data available within an organization to a large number of users, via an Intranet and/or the Internet, with an unlimited number of workstations. It offers a comprehensive range of usage from a simple address search to integrating and using cadastral and survey dat ...

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